Sales Cloud

the flagship product of Salesforce

Such statement can be applied without hesitation when talking about Sales Cloud. It is a CRM system with four main goals.

  • Generate more Leads.
  • Close more sales.
  • Speed ​​up your productivity.
  • Help you make informed decisions.

Which overall contributes to the improvement of the company’s sales and business performance.

Sales process with Salesforce Sales Cloud

The sales process is strongly related to the concept of a sales funnel. The idea was created to better illustrate the stages contributing to completing the sale and gaining loyal customers. The name, of course, is not accidental. At the top of the funnel is everyone whose content attracted attention. This is due to all marketing and PR activities that initially interest future customers, that is, allow a given brand to appear in their awareness. It is worth generating as many leads as possible at this stage because this is where customers will emerge in the future.

The next step is to create interest among the collected leads so that they want to learn more about the proposed products. The CRM Sales Cloud system enables effective tracking of potential customers, determining the behavior in terms of which content or product aroused their particular interest. By obtaining specific information about the needs of leads from the CRM system, the marketing department can invest the allocated budget more wisely, significantly increasing the company’s productivity.

When the seller has specific knowledge about the needs, the decision is made and that can create a demand for a given product in a potential customer, moving it down the sales funnel and bringing it closer to its goal, i.e., sales. Leads are also classified from hot to cold at this stage. Each group of leads requires a different content, which will bring it closer to the next stage. Sales Cloud tools collect a wide range of information about lead behavior, enabling you to understand consumer behavior and adapt your company’s activities to generate sales.

“Action” is a part of the sales funnel that represents an act of sale expected by the company. It must be carried out with exceptional accuracy because each interaction with the customer affects his brand perception. However, marketing and sales activities do not end at this stage. Maintaining a good relationship with the customer increases the chances of using the offer again- loyalty. The CRM system makes it easy to build links between individual customers and the company, which allows you to notice the company’s activities that contribute to the closing of the sale and helps to maintain valuable contact after the sale.

Visualizing the sales process makes it easier to understand the individual, (sometimes small but) essential elements contributing to sales growth. In this process, the prominent roles are played by the marketing and sales departments, which should communicate and support each other to achieve the same goal. The CRM system provided by Sales Cloud allows you to track each employee and entire teams’ results, thanks to which the manager can plan and optimize resources and the sales process.

In the optimal flow and access to relevant information, significant help is provided by the CRM system, which can significantly accelerate productivity. To generate sales, the sales department should be informed in detail about the profile of potential customers and the actual value of sales. The more accurate the data, the more precise planning of future activities becomes.

The sales department is the engine of every business. This team generates revenues that allow the company to grow. Therefore focusing on its effectiveness should go hand in hand with the main goals of the business. Unfortunately, many factors contribute to the ineffective functioning of this pillar. These include – ineffective sellers, bad software, lack of complete information about leads and customers (e.g., incomplete data about the potential buyer’s company, wrong type of lead, wrongly identified customer behavior).

Salesforce Sales Cloud and its’ application

Sales Cloud is a comprehensive tool that connects all sales elements through a CRM system. It facilitates creating relevant content, internal and external communication in business, and process supervision, which accelerates and increases sales. The platform helps automate the sales process and provides insight into information that can guide sales plans – from determining the sales volume, checking the effectiveness of individual employees, and sales forecasting. Sales Cloud allows you to manage leads, track progress, or automate the sales process, all on one platform level.

Thanks to the popularity of this tool among companies worldwide, the flow of information about the customer and about the seller becomes more accessible. Companies that are the buyer in one transaction are the seller in another. Therefore the desire to provide reliable information is generated automatically at the source. When the sales department has access to up-to-date data, it enables closing more sales faster.

It is worth noting that nowadays, data is the most valuable. Therefore access to information is becoming a necessity. Thanks to data availability at their fingertips, sales representatives and managers can adjust the growth goals at each stage of the sales path (sales funnel), analyze and understand the company’s activities.


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