What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is a platform that offers customer relationship management solutions- CRM for short. “Connect with customers in a completely new way thanks to the world’s best CRM platform” – this is the Salesforce slogan that defines this organization’s activities to a point. To understand the platform’s sense, it is essential to understand the functioning and the need for a CRM system in everyday business operations.

CRM is a strategy that companies use to manage interactions with individuals, including customers, service users, colleagues, and suppliers. CRM helps organizations streamline processes, build relationships, increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

It can be understood on three levels:

  • as a technology, typically running in the cloud, that teams use to record, report and analyze interactions between the company and users,
  • as a strategy, understood as a business philosophy concerning the method of managing relations with clients and potential clients,
  • as the process or system that the company adopts to nurture and manage these relationships.

Salesforce provides companies with complete CRM software that provides a concrete database of information about individuals so that users can better understand existing relationships. In the fourth technological revolution, it is crucial to absorb and apply new technologies to improve processes. However, the human aspect should not be overlooked because behind each upgrade, there are people also responsible for the organization’s decisions. The developing business is based on the relationships and decisions of specific people, which are obtained thanks to the appropriate CRM.

Customer relation management is, therefore, definitely a critical element of the company’s operation. It can directly affect the business’s positive development, so it should be especially taken into account in making any business decisions.

From the very beginning, Salesforce has connected companies with their customers by integrating applications that provide all departments – including marketing, sales, commerce, and services – with one standard view of each customer.

The modernity of Salesforce consists of, among other things, complete operation in the cloud. Software, databases, servers, and networks are available over the Internet, so users can use them anywhere, giving them quick access to relevant information and improving decision-making processes.

Salesforce CRM product range

The range of products offered by Salesforce has grown with the company’s growth and market demand. Currently, the platform provides 12 comprehensive products, neatly named Salesforce Customer 360. The name itself perfectly illustrates the versatility and multitasking of services. Access to each application is obtained separately, which means that small businesses can initially purchase a license for one or several products, and over time, expand the software with other products, according to their preferences and needs. Having all the offered applications, various departments of the company are integrated into one platform. The available services include products adapted to sales teams, customer service, and IT. The Salesforce offer includes such application segments as:

  • Sales – named number one in the world among the available sales platforms. It’s a sales app that companies can use to manage contacts, leads, sales opportunities, and customer accounts.
  • Service – focusing on customer service and meeting their needs.
  • Marketing – helping to create a personalized so-called Customer Journey is mostly based on marketing automation.
  • Commerce – supporting e-commerce activities for B2B and B2C.

And other products, equally useful, such as: Engagement, Platform, Integration, Analytics, Industries, Communities, Enablement, Productivity.

Why does Salesforce have so many products, and what are the benefits?

A comprehensive product catalog makes it easier for companies to stay in constant contact with current and potential buyers, partners, and their own employees.

The platform optimizes the sales, service, and marketing process thanks to the range of products offered. Salesforce facilitates access to information that is particularly important for companies in planning and managing business.

Each product on the platform focuses on a different aspect of the business. Thanks to the synchronization of applications and their data, a company using Salesforce has easy and quick access to comprehensive information that can be a decisive factor in making important decisions. In this way, Salesforce becomes an ally of companies and an integral part of everyday activities.

By developing separate but compensating products, the platform has become the need of many multinationals as well as medium and small businesses around the world. Currently, Salesforce is used by over 150,000 companies in various parts of the world. According to Forbes magazine, it has been one of the most innovative companies in the world for several years.

We hope that this article has introduced you to What is Salesforce. If you want to learn more or find the perfect solutions, especially for your business – write to us!


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