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Marketing automation and operation of the FF system and integrated tools are new things for your company and your employees? Or maybe working with them is not a problem, but you need interim help with updating, implementing new or proper configurations of instruments already used in your business? CRM Designer, the official Salesforce partner in Poland, will help you at every step and in every activity related to the systems used by your company. It is you who makes the choice of the scope and formula of cooperation from many available possibilities. From our very beginning, we are characterized by flexibility and the willingness to adapt to our customers’ preferences. We will also create for you a way of cooperation tailored to your needs!

Support for your
Marketing Automation

As an external marketing automation team, we will offer you unprecedented peace of mind when filling any staff shortages, ensuring sufficient processing capacity, or coping with unexpected situations. Imagine that you have a team of specialists at your disposal who will perform every commissioned task for you, at the agreed time, and at the highest level. Have you accepted too many jobs, underestimated the amount of work required, or are your employees still perfecting their skills in handling new tools? No problem – contact CRM Designer, and let’s find out together how we can help you. Forget about limitations, technical issues, unexpected failures, or unforeseen stagnation!

At CRM Designer, we focus on versatility. We deal with Salesforce technologies and specialize in Marketing Automation. Still, you can count on our help and support in marketing matters and conceptual work, and all kinds of strategic arrangements. We have extensive business experience, gained by working with many companies on various levels, and we are familiar with challenges. Quick adaptation to work in any industry is our strong suit – even if it is an industry in which we have not had the opportunity to operate yet. We will advise your company at every step.

Take care of your business,
leave Salesforce to us

You manage the business and accept various orders, often requiring supplementing the scope of activities known to you with services available from specialized subcontractors or competencies that you have not had to possess in your team so far. It happens that a task – or its necessary element – will surprise you, and you will need the help of a specialist outside your team. For example, you will need professional graphics tailored to the contractor’s excessive requirements, content written following all the rules of marketing craftsmanship. This slightly more complex mobile application requires advanced code or the configuration of an advertising campaign focused on fast and reliable results. You need a reliable, trusted, competent content manager, programmer/developer, graphic designer, or Marketing Automation specialist. Contrary to appearances, finding a responsible, professional contracting partner with time on their hands is not easy. At CRM Designer, we are used to a variety of orders – this is our everyday life. Thanks to this, we always have specialists in each of those as mentioned above (and not only) fields at our disposal, with which we built permanent relationships. Thanks to that we have full confidence in them and the quality of their work. Contact us, and we will develop CRM, Salesforce, Marketing Automation support tailored to your company’s needs.


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