Outsourcing marketing automation, or how to get a team of experts in 7 days.

Each company faces the challenges of maintaining the continuity of sales and marketing processes. The marketing team creates new campaigns and implements advertisements and a lot of smaller activities that are performed on a daily basis. The accumulation of more and less important duties may lead to a decrease in the team’s productivity or burnout, which in a larger scale affects the company’s overall situation.

By automating all of the possible marketing activities, marketing automation increases the marketing team’s effectiveness and work inside the organization. The implementation and operation of marketing automation systems, however, requires extensive knowledge and experience. For the investment to be profitable, it is worth considering outsourcing services that will streamline implementing marketing automation to the company. Through the right marketing team, the introduction of marketing automation systems to the organization’s activities can run smoothly, and the problems encountered will be explained by a group of specialists.

Marketing automation in a nutshell

The marketing automation platform allows you to target content to groups and individuals using specific messages and ads. A marketing automation company can also adjust the way it approaches potential customers to maximize efficiency. This allows for effective and consistent communication with customers and better lead management. Significantly, marketing automation reduces the workload of marketing teams, which gives employees more time to focus on other areas.

The benefits of using marketing automation are convincing, even for the person who comes into contact with this term for the first time. There is a dedicated article to this topic: : What is Marketing Automation?

Among the most frequently mentioned benefits are:

  • more accurate segmentation of recipients,
  • personalization of marketing content,
  • lead scoring,
  • sending dynamic content,
  • creating information paths,
  • relieving the marketing team,
  • measuring and analyzing the interactions of potential customers on the company’s activities,
  • general development of the company’s operations thanks to the improvement of marketing activities,
  • increasing sales and ROI.

Outsourcing marketing automation

Extensive marketing automation systems, especially for novices, can be a big puzzle, and the availability of hundreds of options and extras can be overwhelming. The implementation of marketing automation should be entrusted to professionals for many reasons, including:

  • Marketing automation technologies are highly developed and are continually evolving. They require long-term training to achieve the necessary knowledge to optimize the tool, especially in highly developed organizations. The virtual marketing team is trained to effectively implement the company in the marketing automation system.
  • Faster return on investment in marketing automation. The Marketing Automation team is familiar with the current cloud software tools, ready to advise and help. This ensures that you get more value from your investment.
  • Answers to bothering business problems. Thanks to the system’s knowledge, the team will explain the obtained coefficients and answer questions about lead management or current customers, creating rankings and information paths, and data management. This means that all the knowledge needed to use the acquired marketing automation system will be transferred neatly.
  • Analyzing large pieces of data. By implementing marketing automation, the Virtual Marketing Team can perform an in-depth analysis and interpretation of the system’s data. Deciphering and interpreting all the information obtained may prove to be too time-consuming or complicated for current employees. What’s more, a marketing automation specialist’s trained eye can spot anomalies and patterns, allowing you to make more informed decisions and give better advice.

The obtained data is an essential source of information that can be cleverly used by the company when read correctly by the Virtual Marketing Team.

  • Employees are entrusted with a sufficient number of tasks with specific deadlines. They’re simply too busy to do all the campaigning work. The virtual marketing team will relieve some of the duties, improving the work of the entire organization.
  • Planned implementation path. Due to their expansion, marketing automation systems can be overwhelming, so new users do not know which tools to start with and useful at a more advanced stage. The Marketing Automation Team sets up an implementation plan based on priorities.For example, if the priority is to channel more incoming leads and get more meetings, the Virtual Marketing Team will establish and implement appropriate procedures within a few days.
  • Assistance in training current members of the marketing team in the use of the platform. The marketing automation team will provide valuable knowledge as well as advice on best practices.
  • The Marketing Automation Virtual Team has many years of cross-industry experience in supporting clients from various industries. This knowledge allows the team to develop a comprehensive strategy based on observation. The experience gained from supporting multiple businesses helps the team better assess what decisions will be optimal. By knowing and learning from others’ mistakes, the Virtual Marketing Team can identify the problem and find the best solution.
  • Objective thinking by an independent team helps put a problem into perspective and think “out of the box.”
  • Resource management and cost control. By employing a Virtual Marketing Team, the costs of marketing automation are decreasing. By paying a certain number of people for specific time and tasks, the company reduces the costs of employment, office space, IT systems, salaries, and additional employee benefits.
  • Motivation to succeed. The Marketing Automation team is just as committed to success and performance as the organization itself. If the investment pays off and the business grows, it is likely to expand its use of primary marketing automation systems and other complementary tools. In this case, the usefulness of the team will be inevitable.

By deciding to outsource the marketing automation process, you relieve your own marketing team of existing tasks and many new ones needed for the efficient implementation of marketing automation.

If you want to increase your revenue and return on investment in Salesforce software, we can help your company use these tools’ 100% potential.

By entering into cooperation with us, we provide your company with full service by our Virtual Marketing Automation Team, consisting of:

  • Marketing Automation Admin
  • Email Specialist
  • Web & Graphic Designer
  • Content Writer
  • Analytic Managers

Each function is vital in completing individual tasks related to the platform’s implementation and the implementation of marketing automation in your organization.

We at CRM Designer have people experienced in MA and ready for your tasks. Within 7 days, you can have a dedicated team for your tasks.

Write, or call us, and we will present you with many possibilities of cooperation.


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