Marketing Automation with Marketing Cloud

Marketing is an essential pillar of an organization’s operation,since it’s driving sales. This department’s actions should be based on reliable data, which would preferably be gathered in one place, with quick and easy access. Firms face problems communicating and interacting with their customers because they use a series of unrelated campaigns and messages – often in many organizational functions that are not coordinated or data-driven.

Marketing Cloud – a solution for competitive industries

Competition in the world market is growing, and with it, the needs and preferences of buyers. Direct communication with the client is becoming an increasingly important element of interaction. Content that is personalized and reaches the consumer in the right way at the right time has a much greater chance of triggering a response, and thus – leading to the closing of the sale. Marketing Cloud helps to build a 360-degree view of each customer, thanks to which the person using the platform can understand the needs driving the consumer in-depth and respond to them in a personalized way.

Marketing Cloud is a significant product among the Salesforce offers. It is a core component of Salesforce Customer 360. It works with other clouds to complement Customer 360: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and App Cloud. The platform has facilities for marketers’ work in B2B and B2C relations, as well as non-profit. The range of tools makes it easy to build personalized customer journeys in various channels and various devices. Solutions such as email studio or social studio enable the company to deliver the right message, at the right time, throughout all stages of the relationship with the customer.

Marketing Cloud includes integrated solutions for email management, website personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analytics. The platform combines discrete interactions from any channel on the customer’s terms. Customer data is associated with their behavior in real-time to create a more accurate profile of the potential customer. Each interaction drives a personalized 1-to-1 communication that guides the consumer on their unique journey. That is why it is everything a modern marketing team needs to work on to effectively raise ROI.

To get all the possibilities of Marketing Cloud, it is worth taking a look at this platform’s full offer.

When the customer follows his path…

Each customer brings with them their unique path – the so-called Customer Journey. Journey Builder is an intelligent system that makes it easy to visualize the journey of each potential customer. From the first interaction with the brand, through 1 to 1 communication on various channels, until the final moment of purchase. By providing comprehensive real-time data, the user can respond to changing consumer needs and adapt marketing content to the situation. The Journey Builder supervises and documents all the client’s actions and helps him perform the remaining activities. From joining a collecting-points program and subscribing to the newsletter to re-engage in an “abandoned” cart and increase loyalty through the mobile app.
What’s more, the entire platform is armed with artificial intelligence, with the undoubtedly popular in the science world name: Einstein. It accompanies the user at every step, thanks to which specific actions are automatically suggested, e.g., what type of communication will be appropriate for a given group of customers based on their previous activities.

The customer’s journey does not end with the sale itself. Journey Builder helps with the post-sale process and customer satisfaction research. It is possible to involve your customer service, marketing, or sales team, creating a unified interaction with your customers, thereby being successful across all departments.

One of the primary methods of interacting with the client is sending emails systematically. When creating their content, the changing needs of consumers should be a priority. The content of such messages should not be uniform for all potential customers, as not everyone is interested in the same product.
Email studio is another tool to improve marketing.
It helps in:

  • targeting audience,
  • creating optimal emails,
  • personalizing content,
  • creating campaigns on a larger scale.

Salesforce Einstein – brilliant marketing and sales support

Each message can be tailored to the customer using the email creator, which, thanks to Einstein’s help, automatically suggests the content and products that match the recipient’s needs. The message sent goes to the Journey Builder, where it is treated as the next step in the customer’s journey. Synchronized data in one place helps to understand each customer, which makes marketing effective.

Another useful gadget among Marketing Cloud tools is Predictive Intelligence. As the name suggests, this module is taught to predict and recommend the most effective content by itself. Predictive Intelligence makes predictive decisions based on all collected data, including anonymous customers’ behavior on the website. Based on the information provided about their preferences, the system automatically creates content that can be sent to them in real-time.

The range of Marketing Cloud modules includes Social Studio, Advertising Studio, about which we also wrote a few words, and Audience Studio, Mobile Studio, Interaction Studio and Data Studio. Each improving different marketing element, working in continuous data synchronization, helps the organization master Marketing Automation at the highest level.


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